NOFO Pot Pie -- The Best Chicken Pot Pies

While we were at one of the wineries out east, we struck up a conversation with a fellow patron who mentioned that Mattituck has a place with the best chicken pot pies, namely NoFo Pot Pies. While I was extremely doubtful of this claim especially with everyone claiming they know the best of everything. I have been so disappointed with other claims about who has the best chicken pot pie (yes, I am talking about you Mill Creek Tavern).

We headed over to Mattituck and found an adorable country store with a whole cabinet of pot pies. I was torn between the chicken and the lobster pot pies. But how could I not go with the best chicken pot pie.

The pies come frozen so I could not taste it right then and there. I was a little disappointed because nothing finishes off a day of wine tasting like a chicken pot pie, well maybe some ice cream. While it took me a couple of days to cook the chicken pot pie, it was definitely worth the wait.

The crust was flaky and tender. The chicken was delicious along with the pies and potatoes. The sauce or gravy was great. Not too thick or thin and it was flavorful. I have to agree with my drinking buddy that NoFo Pot Pies sells the best chicken pot pies. Hands down.

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