Mill Creek Tavern Bayville

As a change of pace, we headed to Bayville for to check out the Mill Creek Tavern which is a charming tavern located on Long Island Sound. First off, the waiter brought out ice cold water with ice cubes. No bread, but it started off well.

We ordered a salad and meatball appetizer. These appetizers were good. The only strange thing is why didn’t they ask us if we wanted the salad dressing mixed in.

On to the entrees. We ordered a blackened fish taco and one of my favorites, chicken pot pie. As luck would have it, this was a specialty of the house. One could claim that was the primary reason we headed to Bayville.

The fish taco was a little bland for a blackened dish. As to the chicken pot pie, I love the crust and this dish had my mouth watering. I was to be so disappointed!

It turns out that their chicken pot pie was almost a soup. They messed up the filing. I have ordered a chicken pot pie soup from a soup shop and this dish had more similarities to that soup than a real chicken pot pie. For me, the chicken pot pie was just such a negative, that the restaurant can not come back from it. My wife on the other hand did like the brownie sundae.

It was not bad but I was so disgusted that I could not enjoy it. For me the Mill Creek Tavern is a major miss. Please do not waste your time traveling to Bayville and if you do go there, there are better restaurants to eat at.

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