Toskana Westbury -- Uneven Pizzeria

In our never ending search for the best pizza on Long Island, we decided to pay a visit to Toskana in Westbury. Toskana is located on Post Avenue where Alfredo’s Pizza was for many years. Not much has changed from Alfredo’s time. Toskana is set up for pizza take out on one side and their restaurant on the other. Nice looking pizza place.

We ordered a regular pie also known as as NY Pie and a Sicilian slice.

The NY pie was cooked perfectly with the golden brown cheese. They did lack a good crust. The pizza was solid. The same could be said for the Sicilian.

We also ordered a pasta with red clam sauce and a veal francaise. No photos since these dishes were marginal at best. A big disappointment.

Our conclusion is that the pizza is good while the rest of their food is just ok. It is hard to be a pizza shop on Long Island with pizza being the only good thing unless it is unbelievable. This is not the case here.

As to whether I would go back, I go back to the switching costs thought process. For those who do not remember, a pizza shop or other restaurant needs to be better than your existing choices by say 30% (you can argue about the percentage if you want) in order for you to switch from your existing choice to a new option.

Toskana Pizza does not exceed my current pizza shop let alone it does not beat it by 30% so we will not be switching to them

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