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Seven Brothers Oceanside -- Famous Pickle Sandwich

After seeing a Tiktok about a pickle sandwich, I had to try one out. So I headed to Oceanside to try a pickle sandwich at Seven Brothers Gourmet Market.

As way of background, Gabby Parmesan posted this video about a month ago and it has received over 4 million views so far. It has become quite buzz worthy. In fact, Seven Brothers sells 400 of these pickle sandwiches each day. According to my owner of Seven Brothers, they are the largest purchasers of pickles from Boars Head on Long Island.

This pickle sandwich craze is so new that they do not even have revised menus to see the options. The line for these sandwiches will average out at 30 minutes during peak lunch hours. The people ahead of me travelled 45 minutes to get these sandwiches. That is a long time to commit to a sandwich. They were excited as can be.

The process is that they have one guy whose sole job is to cut and scoop out the pickles and then a couple of other guys making the sandwich. I ordered a turkey sandwich with coleslaw and Russian dressing.

I really like the sandwich since I love pickles, turkey and coleslaw. I did not miss the bread on the sandwich which was kind of unexpected. My issue with this sandwich is that it is too small. I know that they have limitations with its size due to how big pickles are but it is more of an appetizer than a real sandwich. I felt like I should have also ordered a hotdog.

My conclusion is that a pickle sandwich is a nice addition to the sandwich world (which begs the question is this a sandwich at all, see my thoughts on this). But I have to say the time it took to travel to Oceanside to go to Seven Brothers Gourmet Market plus the wait time makes me think that this is a one and done situation.

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