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Ralphie's Crossroads Cafe -- Best Roadside Stand

I was driving on the service road and saw this line in the parking lot of the Fabric Mill. I stopped by and saw Ralphie Crossroads Cafe, a food truck, at the end of the parking lot. I stopped by to try a hot dog. Once I was there, I was thrown for a loss since they had so many good looking options like tuna wrap, chicken quesadilla, sausage and peppers, among other things.

I stayed with my original goal of seeing how their hot dogs were.

The hot dog had a great snap. It had a rich flavor but still was a little fatty with a slight salty taste. The brown mustard and sauerkraut added to the flavor nicely. The bun was fresh. All in all, a great hot dog.

I would have to rate this a 9 out of 10. I do like my hot dogs grilled so I had to deduct a point from pure perfection. In the end, Ralphie’s Crossroad Cafe is a definitely worthy of a stop off the LIE

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