La Bottega Roslyn -- The Panini Standard

After sampling other panini’s some of which impressed me like Press 195 in Plainview, I decided to see if La Bottega was still serving up the best panini’s on Long Island. Sometimes, you can build up a restaurant from your memory and nothing can compare even if they are actually better. For me, the apple pie from the Jericho Cider Mill is the best ever since that is the apple pie I had as a kid. Truth be told, I believe it is the best but in reality it may not be.

I ordered the chicken nuoro panini which is a spicy grilled chicken panini with pesto and mozzarella served on ciabatta bread.


I am happy to report that this panini is still as good as I remember. The bread is fresh, the sandwich is served hot. The chicken is grilled perfectly and the spice is not too overwhelming. All in all, I loved the sandwich and give La Bottega an A+ for their continued efforts to deliver the best panini!!

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