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White Plains, NY -- The Worst Food City in the USA

We have the distinct obligation to report that White Plains, New York is the worst food city in the USA. We are not happy about reporting this but feel a moral obligation to warn everyone that they should stay away!! Gas Station Food would be an improvement.

My unhappy experience started at the White Plains Hospital where I was visiting a relative.

The White Plains Hospital only had this cafe open and they only sold cold prepackaged food. I can only say this was inedible. Following this lackluster food, I decided to go out for lunch and dinner since I had to spend the whole day at the hospital.

On to lunch, I went to the Melt Sandwich Shop which had a 4.5 Yelp Rating so I was encouraged. I ordered 3 sandwiches for the team, ranging from Turkey, Peri Chicken and Grilled Cheese

And you would expect, we were grossly disappointed. The turkey sandwich was tasteless while the Peri chicken was swimming in sauce. The grilled cheese was the only edible thing we had.

Following the first two meals, we decided to go with a tried and true option of a local diner. Our local expert recommended the White Plains Coach Diner (which has four locations).

I would love to say that we broke our streak of lousy food but The White Plains Diner added to the legend of this city. We started off with the pickle and coleslaw

The pickle was straight from a jar so it was ok but the coleslaw was inedible and tasted rancid. Following that, I went with a Cajun chicken sandwich. My verdict was another awful meal since the chicken was tough and the Cajun seasoning was tasteless.

We skipped dessert since they said all bakery was done on site. We could not afford to take this chance. Once we were back on Long Island, we almost kissed the ground that we left that wasteland of food.

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