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Umami Sushi and Grill -- Major Step Up in Roslyn Sushi Scene

With the revolving Japanese restaurants on Willis Avenue in Roslyn, we felt an underwhelming dred as we pulled into the Umami Sushi and Grill parking lot. The last restaurant in this location was a mediocre Japanese restaurant that had a nice hibachi room but nothing to write home about.

They redid the entire interior and the most notable change was the addition of wood slats creating some semi private eating rooms. This created a cozy environment. Sad to say for my kids but no hibachi. Umami Sushi and Grill is now entirely an upscale Japanese restaurant.

We started our meal with a Crab Sashimi Taco appetizer along with the Shrimp Shumai and a Chicken Kushiyaki. These appetizers were the highlight of the meal. The Shrimp Shumai were larger and more tasty than others that we have had. There were big pieces of shrimp in that as opposed to the mashed shrimp you typically get. The Sashimi Taco was clearly the winner with the salsa being the icing on the cake.

For dinner we ordered some Sushi Rolls and a Miso Black Cod with a side of fried rice.

Out of these choices, the Miso Black Cod was the clear winner. It was the most tasty and flaky fish we have had in a long time. It may be well worth returning just for the Cod. Our only knock on the Sushi was the Spicy Tuna Rolls were not the mashed up tuna with the rice on the outside that we traditional get. Here it was chunks of tuna with seaweed on the outside. Don’t get me wrong because their Spice Tuna Rolls were great, we just prefer the traditional way we have had them in other locations.

Our conclusion is that Umami Sushi and Grill is a major plus in the dining scene in Roslyn. While it may not be as good as Tiga in Port Washington, Umami Sushi and Grill is a rally good Japanese restaurant that we would look forward to returning. We give it the thumbs up.

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