Toccolo Cantina Delivery

The other night I was having some drinks and had a hankering for Mexican Food. I fired up my Doordash App and found Tocolo Cantina in Garden City as an option. I had eaten there a few years back and remember it as a tasty option for Mexican.

I ordered a taco and fajita

I was really excited about my dinner. It came quickly so thanks to Doordash. When I opened the bag, I was shocked with the size of the fajitas. They looked like it was something from the kids menu. I did not expect it to be the best tasting fajita that I ever had since Mexican delivery was always questionable. The quality of the fajita was what I expected.

But if you are going to charge $30 for a chicken fajita dish, you need to provide more than a couple strips of chicken and then a plate of peppers and onions. This was ridiculous!!

For this shrinkage, I have to give Tocolo Cantina the thumbs down. Shame on You.

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