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My Three Sons Bagels -- Best Bagel Shop on Long Island

On a suggestion, I went to My Three Sons Bagels in Garden City. It looked any other non descript bagel shop.

First positive sign was the line for people. I am always encouraged by that. I ordered a plain bagel and some whitefish salad. If I was judging based upon the whitefish salad, this bagel shop would be mediocre at best.

But that is not the case. Their bagel had a golden sheen with bubbles on the crust. This is the first bagel shop that served their bagels this way. Indeed the bagel was crunching on the outside and amazingly enough, chewy on the inside. The taste was rich bread taste.

The only downside was that the my bagel was not warm. But getting a bagel straight out of the oven is a real challenge so you can never hold that against them. The crying shame was people toasting these bagels. You should only toast mediocre or day old bagels. I almost wanted to scream what are you doing??

My take is that My Three Sons Bagels are the best that I have tasted. With all their great qualities, I rate them with a 9.5. I had to deduct something because there is always room for improvement.

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