Rant of the Day -- Dirty Menus

Recently, I was at a restaurant where the menu was dirty with some remnants of food on it. I don’t know how food could get on a menu since when I order my meal, the waiter takes the menu away from me. After ordering, I have no use for a menu. So this is a mystery.

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The real question that I have is why did the hostess give me a dirty menu. Was she away of the food or the stains on the menu? Did she not care that she was giving me a gross menu? Was she just lazy and did not want to either clean up the menu or find a cleaner one?

In any case, I was repulsed by this germ infested menu. It made me question how sanitary the restaurant is. If they can not provide the allusion that they are clean with a simple thing like a menu then why would I be comforted that their food prep is any better?

Needless to say, I was grossed out and asked for a new menu and only ordered something simple that could not be messed up. I should have left the restaurant since I felt icky the whole meal. I have no desire to return to this restaurant.

My advice to restaurants is to get the easy stuff right like clean menus. All it takes is an adequate supply and a hostess that spends a minute checking them out before using them.

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