Rant of the Day -- Cava Wait Times

Yesterday, I went to Cava in Westbury a little before 2:00 and there were two lines. One line was for people who placed their orders online and the other was for people ordering in store. The in store line had maybe 15 to 20 people on it so I figured it would take 15 to 20 minutes to get my food. Not the worst thing in the world to wait a little bit.

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As my wait time increased and the line was not moving, I learned what was causing the delay. It seems that Cava had a large number of online orders so they move most of their staff (3 out of 5 line people) to the online orders. They really had one staff member for the in store orders and the fifth person was handling the cash register. As a result, the in store ordering dragged on from the 15 minutes to over an hour. I should have bailed at some point but I was stuck on the line and figured it would pick up as some point. As an aside, since everyone was working on orders, no one was cleaning up the store so garbage was overflowing and the food was not replenished. They ran out of one of the popular salad dressings and the red pepper humus.

During this time, some people were posting about this ridiculous wait time and some in the Cava management responded with a simple sorry. As a result tempers continued to rise.

I do not know what caused this delay since the manager of this store and the employees were not that forthcoming. They did not apologize or even any fake sentiments like we are sorry that this is taking so long. This begs the questions on how is this store managed and what should they have done in this situation?

Also, how should I have reacted to this hour wait? I felt like banging my head against the wall. Should I complain in hopes that they offer me some free things, should I boycott Cava’s?

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