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What Not to Order in a Restaurant -- Unusual Foods

Instead of doing a rant today, I thought that I would provide some advice on what not to order in a restaurant. This is an argument that I have with my wife all the time. She always like to order food that sounds good regardless of where we are eating. In one case, she wanted to order a crab dish when we were in the middle of Montana. Fortunately, I talked her out of that mistake. And when I say fortunate, I mean for both her and me. That would have been a disaster.

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My advice is to avoid something that I think the kitchen doesn't prepare often. So if you are eating at a steakhouse, don't order the pasta. If you are eating at a burger joint, pass on the crab appetizer. If you are at Buffalo Wild Wings, order the wings not the street tacos.

Remember, just because an item is on the menu does not mean that it is good and that the kitchen people will remember or be experts in preparing that item. Play it safe and order something that the restaurant is known for and is good at making.

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