Magnolia Bakery's Banana Cream Pie

My sister in law absolutely loved the Jolly Fisherman’s Banana Cream Pie. In fact, every holiday she had at her house, we were asked or more clearly demanded that we bring these banana cream pies. Unfortunately, the Jolly Fisherman closed last year leaving a gap in the food scene of Long Island.

More troubling for my sister in law was where could she get a replacement for her banana cream pie. We have tried a few other places without much success. So recently, we had the family over and we thought we had the perfect solution. We bought a banana cream pie from Magnolia Bakery. We had liked their banana pudding which is world famous. In fact, one of our friends followed their recipe and we loved her result. Things were looking good….

Time for the big tasting. The banana cream filing tasted great but it was loose. It did not have the right consistency and the crust was a mess. My sister in law was not happy. After some sampling, this was the what the pie looked like

Not very appetizing and the whole experience left us wanting more. Our conclusion is that Magnolia Bakery makes a great banana pudding but it does not cross over to a good banana cream pie. The best solution we have found but it is still not in the same league as the Jolly Fisherman’s. So the search continues…


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