What is Good Here -- Food Rant

I was on Facebook and I saw this Page where Restaurant Workers complain about things that bother them. One rant extremely annoyed me and it had to do with customers asking what is good here?

Why does this annoy me? First off, I ask this question all the time so they are referring to me. But more important than that is that waiters do not feel it is worthwhile to point out dishes that are the specialties of the house.

I remember back a few years when i was eating in NYC and I ordered a pasta dish in this Italian restaurant. My waiter suggested that maybe I should try another dish and when I asked why, he responded by telling me that I would enjoy it better. In effect, he told me my first choice was not a great option (not one of their best dishes) and his proposal is better. This happened in the world when people understood that they should help out their customers with their expertise. By the way, I went with the waiter’s suggestion and I loved it!

From the Facebook post, it is clear that this waiter does not feel that it is his or her obligation to offer insight into dishes that the restaurant excels in. The poster feels the customer is just being lazy and not reading the menu. Way to give someone the benefit of the doubt and so what. The customer is paying for the dining expertise including the food ordered. Why should the customer not gain access of any insight this waiter may have?

My god, is it too much effort for a waiter to help the customer? Let’s say they did not want to read the menu, how is that so bad?. A waiter should help customers not just take an order. In the end, customers pay gratuities for the service they receive. If a waiter only takes down their order and serves the food to them, are they really entitled to a gracious tip or should it be more in line with a fast food counter tip (or no tip at all)?

No wonder tip rage is growing.

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