Farm Country Kitchen -- An Oasis In Riverhead

While we were out east in Riverhead, we had lunch at the Farm Country Kitchen. The entrance is so unassuming that we missed it when we drove there even with the help of Waze.

Once you do enter the restaurant, the move is to sit outside overlooking the Peconic River because the view is spectacular.

As it is summer, we ordered two salads, a chicken Caesar and a park bench salad. I am not the biggest salad guy but they had a diverse set of salads that outshined the sandwiches.

The salads did not disappoint or to say it another way, the food was really good. It was fresh and tasty. They served water with ice and asked about drinks several times. We did ask for bread and it was an upcharge but they were honest about.

The staff was attentive and did not rush us when we were done even though there was a line of people having drinks awaiting a table. They really made you feel at home.

As I mentioned before the view from lunch was great. During lunch, someone who was kayaking on the river yelled out to one of the waitresses asking if he could order take out. It turned out that he did and 30 minutes later they handed him his lunch take out. What a great way to enjoy lunch!

My conclusion is great place for lunch for the view and the food. The service also was top notch. Only positives here!!

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