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Coliseum Kitchen and Caterers -- Good Deli with Aspirations for More

I headed over to Coliseum Kitchen and Caterers in Plainview. They definitely chose the right name since the deli could be the largest one I have been to on Long Island. They have an enormous counter that starts with salads, then proceeds to deli followed by hot food and pizza’s. Even though we were not there for breakfast, it seems that the bacon egg and cheese is a popular choice during breakfast and thereafter. We saw several people ordering it for lunch.

We decided to go with a panini and a chicken Caesar wrap.

The chicken Caesar wrap is a surprisingly difficult sandwich to get right. The key is the dressing. You can not put on too much or too little. Either way can ruin a sandwich. Also, it can not be too bland or too strong. We are looking for the goldilocks of sandwiches.

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We are happy to say they nailed the chicken Caesar wrap and the panini was tasty as well. On the downside, this place is a little too big for what they are serving and several stations were unmanned and service could be improved with a smaller footprint.

Our conclusion, Coliseum Kitchen and Caterers is a traditional deli that does it right. It serves up tasty food in a quick fashion. No over the top decor or specialty sandwiches. We give it the heralded two thumbs up!!

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