Brunch at Hendricks Tavern

I am a big fan of Hendrick’s Tavern in Roslyn for dinner but we wanted to try their brunch. We were seated right away at a table with a gorgeous view of the clock tower

Once we were seated they served the ice cold water immediately. Our first impression is that they know how to do brunch right. We decided to go with the breakfast option and ordered the donut appetizer along with the basket of mini muffins. We followed it up with pancakes, French toast and an omelet.

The muffins and the donuts were excellent. I do not know how you classify these muffins as mini. If they are, I really want to see their regular size muffins. If we ended our meal here (which I would suggest), then this could have been the best brunch we have eaten all year. But alas…

The rest of the food tasted mediocre and the presentation left a lot to be desired. In fact, using IHOP as a baseline for reviewing breakfast food (I love IHOP so if you have any issues with their food, we will need to have a conversation), Hendrick’s Tavern falls below the IHOP pancake standard. Both the pancakes and French toast were tough and not airy. The omelet was just ok, nothing to complain about but nothing to rave either.

If you are solely interested in having a brunch in a beautiful place and limit your food to the bread basket and donuts, then Hendrick’s Tavern is a great option. If you choose their breakfast items, you would be better served going to any of the other top brunch places on Long Island.

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