Biscuits and Barbeque -- Closing

It is indeed a sad day. Biscuits and Barbeque announced that they will be closing June 29th. For those of you who have never experienced a meal at Biscuits and Barbeque, they serve up southern barbeque and creole food. Another legacy restaurant will bite the dust with it getting replaced by who knows what.

The restaurant is in a old school railroad dining car. The interior harkens back to the 1960s and it looked like they did not renovate since then.

We would start with their fried pickles. Following that, we would always get a side of mac and cheese as well as a biscuit (since it was in its name). I like o choose between a blackened catfish sandwich or the gumbo (or occasionally, the Jambalaya, which I would get since I liked to say Jambalaya). My friends would get the brisket or the fried chicken. Sometimes, we would get the banana cream pie for dessert. I may have cost myself a few years of my life with by eating here but it was well worth it.

Who wants to honor Biscuits and Barbeque one last time? We need a foodie trip to honor and remember them.

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