The Best Lobster Roll -- Jordan Lobster Farm

We revisited one of our favorite lobster roll places, Jordan Lobster Farm in Island Park. Typically, we order from the take out window and grab a table but we were with the in laws so we were going to be sitting inside like real people. I am glad that I decided to wear a polo shirt rather than my traditional t-shirt.

The interior was pretty casual with great views of the water. Nothing fancy so I fit right in.

On to the food, I started with a cup of Manhattan Clam Chowder which can be hit or miss at many restaurants since it is difficult soup to get right. Jordan’s just nailed the soup. The clams were fresh and the broth was the right tomato soup base. This could have been the best Manhattan Clam Chowder that I ever had. The only weird part of the soup was that it was served in a paper cup like they do at the take out window. I guess they needed to save money somewhere

We then proceeded to order both the Maine Lobster Roll and the Connecticut Lobster Roll. The Maine Lobster Roll is the served cold with mayo and celery while the Connecticut Lobster Roll is served hot along with butter. Both were excellent.

We preferred the Maine Lobster Roll over the Connecticut one. The Connecticut Lobster Roll was more like ordering a lobster on a bun, which by the way is an excellent dish. It was not in line with our expectation and desire for a lobster roll. Maybe they just have to rename it. We enjoyed both and would have been happy if we ordered either one.

Our review is that Jordan Lobster Farm serves the best lobster roll in Nassau County and possible the best on Long Island. Definitely worth the trip and the headache of finding parking in Island Park.

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