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Bagels & Bialys -- A New Entrant in Best Bagel Challenge

Our next entrant in the best bagel challenge is Bagels & Bialys in Albertson. This unassuming store front came as a big surprise. I have passed it thousands of times and would continue to do so. But a friend of mine suggested that I include Bagels & Bialys so off I went.

The interior was inline with the exterior which means it did not inspire much confidence in my outing.

So I ordered my traditional bagel but added a bialy to this tasting since that was the name of the store. The bialy was the second best bialy I have had in 20 years.

The bagel was warm and fresh. The coloring of the bagel was disappointing with no real golden crust on it. But on the positive side, it was crunchy and the inside was chewy and tasty. Overall, this was a really good bagel. I will have to deduct points on the lack of golden crust which separates it from the best in class. I give it a 8.7 out of 10. Well worth the visit to Bagels and Bialys compared to the other lackluster bagel shops.

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