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Bagel Boss Hicksville -- Had Such High Expectations

Since 1975, Bagel Boss Hicksville has been leading the charge with great bagels. The best part of this Bagel Boss is that they are open 24 hours a day. You do not find that in Florida!

Even though Bagel Boss has a great reputation and is one of my favorites, we had to follow the standard rules in evaluating their bagels. We ordered a plain bagel and let’s see what we get.

This is where the disappointment starts. I ordered the bagel on a Sunday morning and was expecting a hot bagel to come out due to the high turnover that was going on. Needless to say, the bagels were not hot. They also did not seem all that fresh. The coloring on the bagel was more of a pale white rather than a golden brown. There did not seem to be any gloss.

Moving on to the taste. The bagel was not really crunchy, more like hard. As to its chewiness, the dough was chewy so we have to give it some props.

Our Bagel Take: Bagel Boss offered up a disappointing bagel for Long Island purposes. If we were in Florida, this bagel would be one of the tops. However, we have a higher standard here and based upon our 10 point scale, Bagel Boss comes in at a 7.5.

My final thought is Shame on you Bagel Boss for ruining one of the great bagel shops.

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